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      Modern Grey Bedding: 12 Decorating Ideas and Tips


       With a lot of softness, the grey is essential in the room. Available on a wall, a cozy bed or an industrial bedside table, grey is a decoration chameleon. It has the   advantage of being neutral and easy to use, and it is a color that is becoming more and more attractive. In the bedroom, it brings a cozy feel with well-chosen materials. Wool effect with a warm grey or a delicate cotton throw in a light and soft grey. Paired with halftone colors like nude pink or light yellow, grey seems to rock the atmosphere in the bedroom. Raised by more assertive tones, grey stands out and sublimates the color.

      In the bedroom, grey is timeless. It interferes with a covering, a piece of furniture and the decoration for a contemporary or Scandinavian style. To each their own for a very personal room! With different characters, the grey can be charcoal to emphasize a wall or to give a perspective to a floor. In another spirit, pearl grey, almost white, is more nuanced and is revealed by its delicacy. In the bed linen version, grey brings a real softness in the bedroom. We like it on linen or a natural material and preferably variegated with different tones. Find 12 ways to adopt this tone in the bedroom in different variations.

      1. Modern grey bedding for a cozy bedroom

      With a cozy spirit, grey is displayed on the bed in a felt fabric. Very soft, it goes well with a solid ash structure for a minimalist design. Inspired by Scandinavian interiors, the bedroom is a clever mix of natural tones and contemporary lines for a style in tune with the times.

      1. A grey and creative wall in the bedroom

      With a marriage of black and white, the wallpaper is a nice decor in the room. On a section of wall, it is a good pretext to accumulate in front of its posters and frames with reminders of tones. The different shades of grey contrast with the exotic prints of cacti and palm trees. Trendy designs for a room with unique decoration.  

      1. The bedside table uses grey for a beautiful bedroom

      Even if it is small, the bedside table imposes itself with an industrial character in the bedroom. Available in charcoal grey, it is reminiscent of old lockers with its openwork door. This grey note is readily associated with other shades such as neutral tones but also dapper colors like an electric blue. 

      1. A grey and decorative dressing room for the bedroom

      Indispensable in the bedroom, the dressing room is an element of significant dimensions. Among the furniture, it stands out and its grey color does not clutter the space. It is also a safe bet for storage that we never tire of. With shelves and racks, it is displayed with a modern style and a dynamic grey structure.

      1. A touch of grey with soft cushions

      Among the ways to adopt grey in the bedroom, bed linen and textiles are universes where color is revealed. On a string of cushions, we find grey and delicate patterns. Placed on the bed, the cushions bring their dose of softness and are an opportunity to renew the decoration of the room over the seasons.  

      1. A very discreet grey office corner

      On an anthracite grey wall, the desk is both designer and discreet. In the bedroom, it is a definite asset in order to maintain a peaceful atmosphere. Its clean lines, its marriage of materials between solid wood and fabric but also its elegant grey color is nevertheless proof of a piece of furniture with an assertive character.  

      1. Grey on the bedroom walls

      With many nuances, paint is a simple option to succumb to the temptation of grey in the bedroom. From the lightest to the darkest shades, grey hides a lot of personalities. On one wall, charcoal grey highlights the furniture and colorful decoration like a touch of yellow.  

      1. Grey bed linen for a peaceful universe

      Always imposing, the bed is the centerpiece in the bedroom. With the desire to highlight it without darkening the room, the linen opts for a pretty shade of grey on a duvet cover, sheets and linen pillows. Filled with softness, it is also a color conducive to a feeling of well-being. To reinforce this feeling, an anthracite grey wall adds a cozy feel.  

      1. Grey on the walls and tone-on-tone posters

      With the idea of ​​creating a room like no other, we play with paint by applying a raw grey up to three quarters of the wall. An effect that enlarges the space. The black and white poster with black frame highlighted bring a different perspective and add style to the room.  

      1. Grey for a soft bed throw

      With a certain softness, a light cotton plaid dresses the bed in a delicate grey. On a colored cloth, it should be placed for a contrasting note. Pleasant in any season, the bed throw is also a pledge of comfort for beautiful nights.  

      1. A touch of grey with an overhead lamp

      In the bedroom, light is precious. While general lighting is required, table lamps create light conducive to a tranquil atmosphere. The marriage of glass and grey fabric makes it a decorative object full of lightness to install on a console or your bedside table.  

      1. Concrete impression with a grey floor in the bedroom

      Trendier than ever, the concrete aspect on the ground seduces with its raw and natural side. In the bedroom, this grey floor is made up of large slabs of tiles and very fine joints. It brings a certain continuity with the walls to create a cozy feeling. A contemporary and very soft character at the same time.  



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